Types of Salesforce Reports

Table of Content

  • What is Salesforce Reports
  • Types
    1. Tabular Report 
    2. Matrix Report 
    3. Summary Report
    4. Joined Report
  • Salient Features
  • Conclusion

What is Salesforce Reports

  • A Salesforce report is defined as a list of data produced using filtering criteria that give you information about a question you want to answer.
  • You can organize this data in different ways to answer various questions and display them in several ways

Types​ of Salesforce Reports

  • There are standard and custom report in Salesforce. Since custom reports depend on each salesperson’s needs and goals, we’ll only discuss the standard report. There are four types:
  • Tabular reports-Not show any group by rows
  • Summary Reports- Atleast one group by rows
  • Matrix Reports-Group by rows and group by column
  • Joined Report

1. Tabular reports​ ​

  • Basi types of reports that display the desired data in rows and resemble excel spreadsheets.
  • It is used t simply list your data without grouping it or doing any calculations, this is the  suitable one
  • for example, Users often create Tabular reports to list all contact.

2. Summary Reports​

  • Typical report that most people use in Salesforce
  • They display groups of data and you can choose how you are going to make these groups

3. Matix Reports​

  • In Matrix Reports, things get a tad more complicated, since you can group data by row and by column and see different totals in the report. They are particularly useful when you want to see totals for two categories that arenot related

4. Joined Reports​

    • Joined reports are useful when we want to compare the data fro two individual reports
    • You can use unique filters and formulas to sort and display the data in different views

Salient features of salesforce report​

  • You ca export reports in CSV or in excel formats. You can restrict users from exporting by disabling the ” export report” option from profile or permission sets
  • You will have the option of selecting cross filters to filter records based on child object field condition
  • You can schedule there port and decide the frequency at your convenience.
  • You can build dashboards based on the reports you built.


  • Salesforce Reports form an integral part of every business strategy and different report in salesforce can help further
  • Customer service, logistics, supply chain management and more areas are now being revolutionized by Salesforce. Using Salesforce reports, can analyze sales data, constructing reports and designing a custom report type

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