Architecture of SailPoint IdentityIQ​

​The Architecture of SailPoint IdentityIQ mainly consists of four major components as follows​

1. Compliance Manager​

2 .Lifecycle Manager​

3 .Governance platform ​

4 .User provisioning​

Compliance Manager

  • Access Certifications​
  • Policy Enforcement​
  • Access Certifications​
  • Policy Management​
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics​

Lifecycle Manager​

  • Advantages of Automated Identity Lifecycle Management​
  • Minimizing the risk​
  • Minimizing the IT Helpdesk Load and Costs​
  • Improve Efficiencies ​
  • Automate Policy Management ​
  • Integration of Privileged Access Management (PAM) ​
  • Integration with Identity Governance for Files ​

Governance platform 

All of your cloud platforms and services are discovered and protected by SailPoint Cloud Governance.​

You can do the following with SailPoint Cloud Governance:​

  • Gain visibility
  • Minimize risk
  • Define policies
  • Govern efficiently

User provisioning​

  • Provisioning user access is simple and safe with SailPoint.​
  • Make it possible for a safe remote workforce to have access to all critical applications.​
  • Provide new employees with the resources and access they need as quickly as possible from the 1st day.​
  • When users’ functions in the company alter, automatically adjust or revoke access.​
  • Role-based provisioning policies can be used to ensure division of duties.​
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