Business Analytics Approach to Data​

Table of Content

  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Analytics use cases
  • Business Analytics role
  • Business Analytics benefits

Data Collection

Organizations must Identify all of the data they have on hand and what external data they want to incorporate to understand what opportunities for business analytics they have​.

Data Cleaning

Why organization’s data may need cleaning

    • Incorrect data fields
    • Outdated data values
    • Missing data
    • Data Silos

Data Analysis

Data Scientists can analyze data more effectively using machine learning (ML), Algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies

Data Visualization​

  • Data visualization serves several purposes for organizations, helping non- technical people understand analytics concept, helping others see patterns in multiple data points or demonstrating a business’s growth or decline.
  • They can help with Idea generation, idea illustration or visual discovery​.

Business Analytics Use Cases​

  • Financial and Operational Planning: Business analytics helps organizations to align financial planning and operations seamlessly
  • Planning Analytics: It is an integrated business planning approach that use to make effective business decision
  • Integrated sales and marketing planning:
  • Integrated workforce performance planning

Business analytics roles​

  • Data Scientist: These employees are usually responsible for managing the algorithms and models that power the company’s business analytics program
  • Data Engineers: They create and maintain information systems that collect data from different places that are cleaned and sorted and placed into master data base
  • Data Analyst:  They are involved in collecting and analyzing the data set and building the data visualization.

Business Analytics [Benefits​

  • More Informed Decision: Having a flexible and expansive view of all the data an organization sits on can eliminate uncertainty and prompt an organization to act quicker
  • Single pane view of information: Increase collaboration between departments and line-of-business users because everyone has same data and is talking from the same playbook
  • Enhanced Customer Service: By knowing what customers want and when and how they want it, organizations will drive happier customer and therefor engender greater loyalty 

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