What is Vlocity?​(Salesforce)​

Vlocity is a cloud-based platform that helps companies build customer-centric applications to manage and optimize their customer experience. It offers a range of industry-specific solutions that enable companies to quickly and easily customize applications to fit their unique business needs. Vlocity also provides an extensive library of pre-built components that can be combined to create powerful customer-facing applications.​

What is Salesforce Industries?

Salesforce Industries is a set of pre-built solutions designed to help companies of all sizes and industries get the most out of the Salesforce platform. It includes industry-specific apps and components, data models, and best-practice processes tailored to meet the needs of the world’s most common industries, such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Non-Profit. Salesforce Industries also includes a range of services and support options, including expert consulting and training.​


How Does Salesforce Benefit from Vlocity?

​Imagine an enterprise with a complicated tech stack, including some home-grown applications. Replacing it with a consolidated platform still requires a lot of time and money. Consultants and developers need to customize the solution, align, and integrate applications to support end-to-end business processes.​

That’s where Vlocity enters. Vlocity complements Salesforce with enterprise product catalog (EPC), CPQ, order management, and digital commerce, as well as pre-built processes and product models. The software is built in close conformance with common industry standards, promulgated by organizations like TM Forum and the MAF.​

As a result, companies go live faster. They get their staff trained and may become self-sufficient, avoiding unnecessary costs on a bunch of consultants and developers.​

How? Thanks to its user-friendly customization functionality called OmniStudio.​

​Salesforce OmniStudio​

​Salesforce OmniStudio is a powerful, yet easy to use, drag and drop interface builder for creating Salesforce1 Mobile Apps. It’s the fastest way to create custom Salesforce1 Mobile Apps without writing a single line of code. Salesforce OmniStudio is divided into several layers of OmniStudio.​


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