What is DevOps

  • The DevOps movement started to coalesce between 2007 and 2008
  • DevOps touches every phase of the development and operations lifecycle. From planning and building to monitoring and iterating, DevOps brings together the skills, processes, and tools from every facet of an engineering and IT organization.
  • Flow refers to the left-to-right movement of changes from development to production. 
  • The goal is delivering value to end users with increasing speed and regularity, working toward a steady flow – > continuous delivery
  • Feedback is the form of development metrics, production monitoring, and end-user feedback.
  • This is the right-to-left movement of feedback back to development.
  • Continuous improvement, striving to always improve not only our work but also the way we work
  • Copado is an AppExchange package that helps you implement DevOps for Salesforce.
  • Copado manage the entire planning, development, and delivery lifecycle from within Salesforce.
  • Copado empowers admins, developers, and architects with a shared platform to plan, build, test, deploy and monitor changes across teams.
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