What Is Sourcing

Sourcing is the ability of an organization to use an effective recruitment approach in filling vacant positions.

Why Sourcing Strategy Is Required:

  • A single case of bad recruitment at the entry level supervisory role could cost the organization heavily.
  • As organizations push for global scale, the need for the best of breed recruitment practices is increasing day by day in every vertical.
  • A sourcing strategy is essential for Business Effectiveness.

Sourcing Strategy

When determining an effective strategy, there are a variety of questions that need to be asked:

➢  What types of skills does the position require?

➢  Is the position to be filled needed on a temporary or permanent basis?

➢  What education level is required for the position?

Sourcing Strategies…Cont’D

  • Based on strategic intent, demand for type of position, and available resources a plan is laid out
  • Internal & External methods are applies
  • Now-a-days firms are increasingly engaging in Targeted Recruitment
  • Targeted implies that the media and message used is specifically aimed at a particular group (e.g., women, Hispanics, disabled)

After these questions are answered, a plan can be mapped out as to how approach the recruitment needs of the organization.

The Strategic Sourcing Approch Is Designed To:

  • Drive reduction in total number of candidates interviewed.
  • Drive a thorough understanding of both the candidate’s skills and internal company requirements.
  • Deliver the candidate within the required time frame.
  • Get a proper resource at a proper place

Effective Way of The Doing a Good Recrutment:

  • Document Document Document – All inputs related to interviews
  • a – No compromise on Analytical and Communication skills
  • Thorough Technical & HR interview (if possible two rounds)
  • No compromise on Reference check

Various Sources of Recrutment


➢  Campus Recruitment

➢  Private Employment Agencies/Consultants

➢  Public Employment Exchanges

➢  Professional Associations

➢  Data Banks

➢  Casual Applicants

➢  Similar Organizations

➢  Trade Union

➢  Job Portals

➢  Recruiter Networking

➢  Employee Raiding

Various Sources of Recrutment… Cont’D

Methodology of Sourcing

9 Effective Tips For Successful Recrutment and Selection By 'DAVID MEYER'

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Understand the Job

Be Legal

Build a Standardized Hiring Process and Use It

Hiring Top Talent Means More Profit

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Interviewing Doesn’t Work

The Most Neglected Aspect of Hiring

Matching People to Jobs

To End Up…

Applicants like being interviewed by someone “like” themselves; this gives them the impression that they will “fit in”

Applicants like speaking with someone from the functional area they’ll be in

Personal characteristics of recruiter also matter: strong interpersonal skills, knowledge and enthusiasm about company and job improve acceptance rates

Thank You…

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