Salesforce SALES CLOUD

  • Sales Cloud is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application from Salesforce. ​
  • Sales application that businesses can use to help manage contacts, leads, opportunities, and customer accounts​
  • Includes tools for Contact Management , sales force automation, Sales forecasting and productivity. ​
  • Allows sales teams and managers to manage the sales cycle, prioritise tasks, manage customer relationships, and access insights.

Key Objects

  • Campaign​
  • Lead​
  • Account​
  • Contact​
  • Opportunity​
  • Quote​
  • Order​
  • Contract​


  • Track and manage customers​
  • Increase sales productivity​
  • Improve sales forecasting​
  • Accurately Report on Sales​
  • Align sales and marketing​
  • Increase marketing ROI​
  • Improve Customer Service​
  • Drive Customer Retention​
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